Why Every Church MUST Have The
Outreach Training Package

The Outreach Training Package provides the very best instruction and training to help a church maximize their outreach potential. We’ve spent years in the field, learning and developing content and tools.

When you purchase this package, you get a LIFETIME subscription to the exclusive content on this web site, including ALL new updates.

Contents of Outreach Training Package:

  • 20 Training Videos with Matt Maddix
  • Exclusive Outreach Materials and Forms
  • Live, interactive video chat sessions every month.

Videos Included In The Package: 

Personal Soul Winning

Learn the secrets of the masters.  Throughout these five videos, you’ll benefit from decades of experience in the field. Students will be empowered and inspired to personally win souls by learning simple, innovative techniques.  No more excuses!
  • How to be a More Effective Soul Winner (Part 1)
  • How to be a More Effective Soul Winner (Part 2)
  • How To Witness
  • How To Invite Someone To Church
  • How To Pray With Someone To Receive The Holy Ghost.

Home Bible Studies

Home Bible Studies are a cornerstone of church growth and retention.  These three instructional videos will guide you through the process of scheduling and teaching a Home Bible Study.  Anyone will be able to teach a Bible study after learning this material.
  • How to Schedule a Home Bible Study
  • How to Teach a Home Bible Study (Part 1)
  • How to Teach a Home Bible Study (Part 2)

Guest Follow Up

A solid Guest Follow Up program is an absolute necessity for growing a church.  Three words that describe effective guest follow up are “process, process, process”.  Without a great process, people will fall through the cracks.  In this video series, Matt takes the time to painstakingly describe a proven, effective guest follow-up program.
  • How to Set Up an Effective Guest Follow Up (Part 1)
  • How to Set Up an Effective Guest Follow Up (Part 2)
  • How to Set Up an Effective Guest Follow Up (Part 3)
  • How to Set Up an Effective Guest Follow Up (Part 4)
  • What to say when you call a Guest For the First Time (Follow Up Training)
  • How to Actually DO The Guest Follow Up (Follow Up Training)
  • How to Close the Follow Up & Schedule a Bible Study


Increase your long-term retention through discipleship.  The information on these DVDs took years of trial and error.  The result is an effective, yet simple method of discipling new coverts.
  • How to Effectively Disciple a New Convert (Part 1)
  • How to Effectively Disciple a New Convert (Part 2)
  • How to Effectively Disciple a New Convert (Part 3)
  • Next Level Connection And Discipleship Ideas

Live Training

In addition to the videos and written material  included in this package, you’ll also be able to join Matt for live training and Q&A sessions.  We use amazing interactive video conferencing technology that allows you to join in a conversation with Matt and several other pastors,outreach directors and church leaders.

As part of the Grow This Church package, you’ll be eligible to join a session each month. These live sessions provides valuable insight, answers to specific questions, and feedback from a small group of peers.  These sessions will be recorded and you will have LIFETIME access to them.


Bonus Material

As an extra gift, you get a video that teaches an amazing method to get your whole church involved in outreach.  Along with it, we’ll send you a copy of Matt’s new book “Outreach Manual For Church Growth”.
  • How the All Church Outreach Process Works
  • Matt Maddix’s Outreach Manual


This package is priced at $1495